2021 11 29 a 1

2021 11 29 a 1

In the interest of the service and to ensure effective implementation of the DENR Action Center 8888, the DENR Central Office held a virtual Seminar Workshop and Assessment of Hotline 8888 Resolution Rate on October 27-28, 2021 and November 5, 2021 for the Visayas cluster.

The seminar focused on the updates on the pending 8888 complaints and discussion of the DENR Client Satisfaction Survey, including the issues in the resolution of 8888 complaints and the means for these to be addressed.

During the discussion, MGBR08 was commended for its immediate resolution of 8888 complaints addressed to the Office. The MGBR08 received five (5) complaints from the DENR Action Center 8888 hotline this year and all were promptly acted and closed by its technical personnel.

The said seminar was attended by different personnel form the Regional Offices of DENR, MGB, EMB, PENROs, CENROs, and all other line bureaus of DENR in the country.