2020 10 14 a

 2020 10 14 b

The Mines and Geosciences Bureau Regional Office VIII discussed through a virtual meeting with Philippine Science High School-Eastern Visayas Campus on October 12, 2020, collaboration on an undertaking involving research study on mineral resources in the region.

The said study which will be conducted by Philippine Science High School will help determine whether there are other precious metals present in particular ores based on samples taken from the minesite which will be analysed with the use of the school’s equipment, Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (AES).

The conduct of the research is also aimed at helping the students enrich their research and likewise serve as training ground for those who may want to pursue Geology in the future.

RD Leo Van Juguan shared that MGB is looking forward to the realization of the said undertaking and stated that the same will be a good complementary action between PSHS and MGB on taking a look at what other valuable minerals or elements are in the mineral ores that Region 8 have.