March 11, 2020

2020 03 17

In photo: RD Leo Van Juguan of MGB (far right), RD Nerie D. Bueno of DPWH (center) together with technical staff from both Offices during the technical meeting

In a technical meeting between the Regional Offices of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau and the Department of Public Works and Highways aimed to discuss matters concerning the establishment of flood control projects over existing SAG operations within 1-kilometer radius, both Offices agreed to take steps that will give public safety of paramount importance.

In the said meeting, RD Nerie Bueno of the DPWH aired her concerns on existing concessionaires in some areas that are now within the 1-kilometer radius upon which they have built or will build their flood control projects.

RD Juguan acknowledged that there are some areas which previously do not require the need to have river embankments but due to changing times, in referral to the DPWH flood control projects, would now need to have one. However, considering that some areas have been issued with SAG permits either by MGB Regional Office or by the LGUs concerned, he stated that it is for the DPWH to determine whether such operations will affect the integrity of the flood control structures that they will build.

While RD Bueno affirmed that extractions within the 1-kilometer radius will affect their flood control structures, the DPWH is not keen on stopping operations beyond the said distance.

RD Juguan however, stressed that MGB-issued permittees and/or applicants are always required to secure Clearance from the DPWH if their applied areas are within a distance of 1 kilometer from public structures pursuant to Section 79(a) of the DENR DAO No. 2010-21.

Meanwhile, for those extraction sites which are now found to be within the said distance, RD Juguan stressed that if the DPWH shall so require that no extractions be allowed as it will affect the flood control structure, MGB-8 will take steps to inform its permittees of its recourse to cancel their permits giving emphasis that in support to government programs, public safety shall always remain a priority.

The said technical meeting was held on March 10, 2020 at the DPWH Regional Office.