March 17, 2015

MGB-8 Extends IEC to ISAG Holders, Sets Standard on Compliance to Permit Conditions

By: Dante A. Operario & Celeste Fiath S. De la Cruz

Participants during the IEC/Technical Conference facilitated by the Mines and Geosciences Bureau Regional Office 8 to SAG-IP stakeholders on March 10, 2015

In a bid to clarify and address issues pertaining to compliance of Industrial Sand and Gravel permittees and renewal applicants concerning reportorial requirements, the Mines and Geosciences Bureau facilitated and presented an Information, Education and Communication (IEC) paper presentations to a group of about more or less 30 sand and gravel stakeholders and some LGU representatives on March 10, 2015 at the MGB Regional Office.

Regional Director Alilo Ensomo pointed out that the said IEC was made possible for these reasons: the late and non-submission of reportorial requirements stipulated under R.A. 7942 and its IRR; and among others, the several complaints for non-payment of extraction fees and shipment /transport of minerals without supporting papers such as Ore Transport Permit (OTP)/Shipment Clearance/Certification and Delivery Receipt (DR) as ventilated by LGUs in Region 8.

In view of the several issues, concerns and complaints from LGUs of Region 8, RD Ensomo clarified that as a matter of policy, DR is used when transporting minerals within one province and a Shipment Clearance/OTP and DR when transported outside one province (barging). Meanwhile, for truck deliveries to other province, only DR is required with each truck having one (1) DR. In addition, if the total volume is less than two (2) tons, a Certification will be issued by MGB-8 instead of the Shipment Clearance. To this, RD Ensomo has but one request to the SAG permittees. “Please make it a point to religiously pay your respective extraction fees to the concerned LGU Treasurers and show proof of payments before asking for a DR from this Office,” he urged.

Engr. Romulo Babatugon likewise shared to the group findings of his field inspection at the municipality of Albuera, Leyte where some permittees are observed not using the prescribed Delivery Receipt when transporting sand and gravel. 

It was learned that the permittee wanted to avoid double tax payment. Hence, they customized a company DR for transporting materials from the source to the plant and used the MGB DR if transporting from the plant to any destination.

Mr. Anastacio Ardiente of Concrete Solutions Inc. (CSI) stated that they are using two (2) DRs issued by MGB. One of which is used for transporting from the quarry site to the crushing plant and the other, from the crushing plant to the barging area, hence, they are taxed twice.

The consensus made to adopt uniformity for all in the use of DR was as follows: 1(a). MGB DR from minesite to the crushing plant and 2 (b). MGB DR when transporting from the crushing plant to any point of destination.

Likewise, MGB-8 reminded delinquent permittees particularly for late and non-submission of reportorial requirements.

 “We will enforce the law and impose corresponding penalties. This is one way for us to gauge the commitment of our permittees to responsible mining,” said RD Ensomo.

Several non-compliant permittees have actually received letters from the MGB detailing their violations and corresponding penalties thereof. The Bureau was firm in saying that it has given the permittees much leeway to comply but still failed to do so, hence the penalties must be imposed.

In his closing remarks, RD Ensomo urged the permittees to do their share in promoting development in the region not just in complying the requirements and paying taxes but also for them to be cooperative and supportive government’s thrust towards growth and progress.

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