MGB-8 technical personnel attend ARC-GIS and Drone Operation Training 

The Lands Geological Survey Division (LGSD), through its Lands Geological Information Management Section (LGIMS), hosted the Training on ARCGIS and Drone Operation at The Selah Garden Hotel, Pasay City last November 25 to December 3, 2019. Four technical personnel from MGB-8 attended the said training, namely Eduardo S. Tan (OIC, Geosciences Division), Brent James E. Dayao (Senior Geologist), Rodrigo Jay B. Miralles (Geologist II) and Alexis Erik M. Cezar (Cartographer II).

Day 1 of the training started with the software installation of ArcMap, ArcPro and other necessary applications for the training. Each participant was made to install the latest version of the software. Opening program followed in the afternoon, as well as a few lectures by Carleen T. Gatdula of LGIMS. They introduced the MGB GIS Network Attached Storage (NAS) Access, which would provide a centralized repository of reports and maps for all MGB offices. Apart from NAS, they also presented GIS applications, portals and websites that are beneficial for MGB’s operations, such as the MGB Personnel Locator Hazard Identification, Procurement System, MGB GIS Data Bank, among others.

The following day, an introduction to ArcGIS Enterprise and Online was done by Mark Carlo M. Canlas of LGIMS. For ArcGIS Enterprise, he emphasized how this application can provide a platform for all MGB offices to share GIS data, as well as to access those coming from the Central Office server. Each participant was given the chance to connect to the server through ArcMap and explore the data available in the server. For ArcGIS Online, it provided MGB offices the platform to edit and produce maps online without the need of the ArcMap application. Hence, it can be conveniently accessed through the ArcGIS Online website. Exercises were also done in order for the participants to appreciate the applications even more.

On Day 3, participants were taught how to access the geodatabases on MGB Central Office’s server, as well as how to use it. Participants were also given the opportunity to navigate through it and review if there are other revisions that need to be incorporated with the existing geodatabases. A lecture on metadata and the GIS standard operating guideline was also done by LGIMS. From the afternoon until the following day, participants focused on the data collection and its synchronization with the available online geodatabases.

November 29-30, 2019 was dedicated for the Drone Operation orientation. A representative from DJI, the drone supplier of MGB, was present to give an orientation about the drone operations. Hands-on activities involving the drones were done on Saturday at the Amoranto Sports Complex.

Discussions resumed on December 2, 2019, as the lectures focused on geoprocessing and raster services. Participants were taught how to uses the geoprocessing services available, such as Vulnerability Risk Assessment Tools (Flood and Landslide), Streams/Drains Tool, Basins and Watershed Tool, Shoreline Tool and Contour Tool.

The last day of the training focused on the services, forms and applications which can readily be accessed through the Sruvey123 mobile application. Participants were made to navigate through the mobile application, and small group discussions were done to determine if there’s a need to revise the forms available in the mobile application. LGIMS also presented the future plans of the section with regards to GIS applications.


2019 11 25 a

Participants during the Training on ArcGIS and Drone Operation at The Selah Garden Hotel, Pasay City last November 25 – December 3, 2019.

2019 11 25 b

Participants during the drone operation orientation and hands-on activity.

2019 11 25 c
Participants at the Amoranto Sports Complex during the test flight of the drones.

2019 11 25 d

Small group discussion with regards to the services and forms available at the Survey123 mobile application.